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Labor and Payroll compliance can be extraordinarily complex and quite costly if not done right. With the regulatory environment continuously changing as regulations are amended and adopted, we are here deal with regulatory changes as they arise and affect our clients.

We have extensive experience working with leading companies, strong relationships with government offices. This gives us the ability to assist you with the assessment, design, and enhancement of your compliance program and other regulatory compliance needs.


It can be daunting though ensuring that all your practices meet the local law regulations and are enough to protect your organization and its staff. Working closely with your dedicated HR team, our regulatory experts have experienced problem solvers with local market expertise and a deep understanding of the complex, evolving employment regulatory and enforcement environment—from the latest legislative trends to time-tested methods for re-engaging key employees.

Our employment compliance service examines the following key areas:

  • Check employee data
  • Labor contract review
  • Make labor contract templates/offers
  • Check labor status
  • Check collective agreement
  • Set up Trade Union
  • Salary scale making & registration
  • Internal labor regulation

Payroll is one of the most regulated functions in an organization that must meet local jurisdictions’ requirements. There’s more to payroll than just paying your staff. So, if you don’t follow the law exactly, you could be prosecuted.

At NVM Group, our dedicated team of compliance experts proactively track regulatory changes and maintain an inventory of laws and statutory regulations that affect the payroll industry across Vietnam to drive your payroll compliance smoothly.

We fully cover our clients in:

  • Check OT/TA/Shift
  • Check paysheet
  • Payroll calculation
  • Check attendance
  • Check calculation of PIT, Insurance
  • Check employee salary data
  • Check salary payment
  • Make payslip templates

Due to the trivial consequences of the illegal act, some companies do not pay enough attention to social insurance compliance, making it the “Achilles’ Heel” that companies cannot afford to ignore.

NVM Group assists enterprises to carry out procedures related to compulsory insurance for employees. We are always willing to answer and support clients on relevant regulations from which to ensure compliance with the provisions of law, avoid the case of sanctioned for administrative violations by the authorities.

We advise and perform the following services:

  • Check employee’s insurance status
  • Check insurance salary
  • Check SI/UI/HI payment and claim
  • Reconcile data and report
  • Check employee’s insurance book, insurance card

In the process of providing PIT compliance services, NVM Group uses unrivaled experience and dedicated resources gained within the firms affiliated with our relationship with the Tax Bureau.

As a part of the tax compliance services, we provide our clients with the following services:

  • PIT report & payment
  • Check dependence
  • Check PIT declaration (monthly/quarterly/yearly)
  • PIT finalization yearly
  • Tax Audits

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