HR Outsourcing and Staffing

With years of experiences providing outsourcing services to various companies in Vietnam and Indochina, we develop our services with strong local networks and practices to address the needs for market expansion, including:

HR/Employment Outsourcing Services

With an Employment Outsourcing Service, also known as Human Resources Outsourcing Service or Professional Employer Organization Service, we become the legal employer of record on behalf our clients. Employees are under employment with our company in terms of contracting, payroll processing, HR document-related tasks, compulsory duties to relevant authorities and HR consultancy with strict compliance to the applicable labor laws and regulations.

In other words, you outsource the employment of your current staff to us if you face challenges such as:

  • Long-term new entity establishment
  • Headcount controls
  • Shortage of HR personnel to manage HR tasks
  • High staff turnover
  • Global strategy to outsource non-core business functions

Our employment outsourcing services will resolve all your issues with the following services:

  • Labor contracting
  • Salary and Benefits
  • Safety and Health
  • Other Personnel Administration

The benefits you gain:

  • Compliance with local labor laws and your business requirements
  • Legalization of your staff

Staffing/Labor Dispatching Services (also known as labor dispatch, staffing or labor leasing services)

A Dispatching Service, also known as labor dispatch, staffing or labor leasing, refers to a new type of employment mode by which we as the labor dispatch company enter into labor contracts with dispatched employees and the employees provide the corporate user with labor service. Basically, labor dispatch provides the same services as employment service does. However, the core difference between labor dispatch and employment service is who does the recruiting. With dispatching services, we recruit the staff and dispatch them to our clients as the corporate user of labor; with employment services, our client as the corporate user of labor recruits the staff and then lets us sign the labor contract.

The most prominent feature of labor dispatch is the separation of employment of labor service from use of labor service, and this can reduce the use of labor and management cost for the user of the labor service. What is more important is that it provides flexibility to the user of the labor service and reduces labor-relations risks.

Simply, if you face the following problems, our dispatching services will be the right solution:

  • Temporary staff needs such as labor shortage for a particular project or for replacement due to maternity or long-term sick leave
  • Headcount Controls
  • Shortage of HR personnel to manage HR tasks
  • High staff turnover

Depending on your labor needs, labor dispatch includes the following services:

  • Recruitment
  • Selection
  • Training
  • Labor contracting
  • Performance management*
  • Salary and Benefits
  • Safety and Health
  • Other personnel administration

*Note: Performance Management is a case-by-case option.

The benefits you gain:

  • Continuity of labor
  • Maximum utilization of internal and external labor resources
  • Time and effort savings to enhance business effectiveness


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