HR Compliance & Legislation

HR Compliance Services

HR Audit and Consulting:

  • Check and provide a fact-finding report on the statutory compliance and/or company HR compliance in areas such as labor employment, employee information, insurance contribution and reports, personal income tax declaration and finalization.
  • Resolve any pending and/or incompliant issues. Provide solutions to make sure the reports, processing and/or computations comply with the Government Laws in Vietnam.
  • Set up company HR policies, forms and templates in compliance with Government regulations such as HR regulations and salary scale registration.

Statutory Submission and Finalization:

  • Initial registration to the Social Insurance Department, Labor Department (including Department of Trade & Industry)
  • Prepare periodical reports to the Government on behalf of the client. Reports could be ad-hoc report or compulsory reports.
  • Finalization with Government on behalf of the client.

HCM Legislative Services

Legislative Services:

  • Legislative Update and Advice:. We will provide our client with information, updates (along with the necessary government website links (if available) and other necessary supporting information), advice and show cases on changes in labor law, insurance law, personal income tax law and any law related to Human Capital Management.
  • Ad-Hoc Legislative Advisory Services:. We will prepare written or face-to-face advice in response to ad-hoc queries on the legislative requirements related to employment, insurance and personal income tax.

Administration Services:

  • For Companies: We will provide the incorporation services to the company and any related services such as changing address, changing the representative, reissuance or extension of representative office establishing permit.
  • For Foreigners/Expatriates: We will advise and provide services in
    • Visas: new issuance, extension.
    • Work Permits: new issuance, adjustment and extension.
    • Temporary Resident Cards: new issuance, adjustment and extension.
    • Personal income tax (PIT): the 1st registration, monthly declaration and yearly finalization (including the payment process PIT payable by each expatriate to the Tax Department on behalf of the company or expat).


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