HR & Payroll Administration Services

We assist clients in recruiting local staff and ensuring that their employment status is compliant with local laws, including assisting in new hire/termination processes, labor contracting, payroll calculation, benefits administration, compulsory insurance, statutory submission, payment, filing and reporting.

Our services include:

Recruitment is essential to any business’s operations and finding the right person for the role can be daunting and difficult. With our experienced recruitment team, we will help you to find the right talent to fill your vacancies.

Our Executive Recruitment Services are including:

  • Understanding your key requirements.
  • Sourcing candidates.
  • Matching them with your key requirements.
  • Screening interviews conducted by our professional team of Recruiters.
  • Narrowing down the ideal candidates for your selection.
  • Arranging interviews.
  • Advising during your candidate selection process.
  • Salary and Offer Negotiation Support.
  • Onboarding Support.

With our executive recruitment services, we will help you build your company with the right talent.

For companies without a legal representative office in the country, we offer Employment Solutions, also known as a kind of Human Resources Outsourcing Services or Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Services, helping your company by becoming the legal employer of records on your behalf. Employees are under employment with our company in terms of contracting, payroll processing, HR document-related tasks, compulsory duties to relevant authorities and HR consultancy with strict compliance with the applicable labor laws and regulations.

You may require outsourcing of employment solutions if you:

  • Face challenges in long-term new entity establishment
  • Require Headcount controls
  • Have a shortage of HR personnel to manage HR tasks
  • Experience high staff turnover
  • Have a global strategy to outsource non-core business functions

Our employment outsourcing services will resolve all your issues in the following areas:

  • Labor contracting
  • Salary and Benefits
  • Safety and Health
  • Other Personnel Administration

With our Employment Solutions, be ensured that we will take care of all compliance requirements with local labor laws and your outsourced staff.

With our Payroll Administration Services, we are able to provide our clients with a chance to improve their business effectiveness by contributing our excellence in human resource operations with our full package services including salary calculations and delivery, personal income tax deductions, social security and pension contributions, monthly/yearly tax and insurance submission and finalization, employee and salary data record and management.

To ensure the accuracy, timeliness, and security enshrined in our service level agreement, our payroll administration services at NVM Group run on our NVM technology system to better reflect the local legal payroll and submission requirements.

Therefore, with our payroll administration services we can provide:

  • Secured payroll information storage, reducing the risk of information leakage
  • The ability to pay your employees correctly and timely
  • Setting up your initial payroll system or restructuring it
  • Handling of all your paperwork and any administration or payment tasks


Global companies, globally shared services are becoming a bigger factor in having efficient operations. Companies are now looking to centralize their HR shared services, Employee and Payroll Data Management together with Finance and Accounting Information in an outsourced country such as in India, China, Philippines or in Vietnam. However, some of the obstacles of outsourcing to Vietnam include a very manual and highly complicated and difficult to navigate the local statutory system. In such a case, outsourcing these statutory submissions jobs becomes necessary.

Benefit Administration or Insurance Lodgment and Statutory Submission Services include Insurance calculation, lodgment, Filings, and Claims.

Personal Income Tax (PIT) declaration and finalization is an obligation for every person in Vietnam, whether a local citizen or expatriate. Spending time and effort on your personal income taxes can be inefficient. We have the local knowledge and relationship with the Tax Bureau to advise you on the most efficient and beneficial personal income tax solutions.

Our PIT services include the declaration, finalization, reconciliation and tax refund.

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