Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

We assist companies to meet their respective accounting and tax requirements across different jurisdictions and comply with the latest accounting standards and regulations.

Our services include:

Inaccurate and inadequate bookkeeping and accounting information can lead to a multitude of business issues. Our bookkeeping and accounting experts with long-standing expertise in local and international accounting systems will help you have the right information at your fingertips for you to make the right decisions for your business.

Accounting and taxation services include:

  • Set up of initial accounting system and methodology for Company or Rep Office
  • Bookkeeping, preparation of financial statements, consolidation and management of statutory accounts in compliance with local and international standards.
  • Corporate Income Tax (CIT) and Personal Income Tax (PIT) Declaration, Yearly Finalization and Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly Filings.
  • Support Annual audit of financial statements with third Parties and or do with Tax Bureau.
We partner with Overseas Tax Agents and Corporations based in Singapore, Australia, Canada and USA to assist them in bookkeeping and accounting. We provide them with cost-effective and timely outsourcing services.

As the employment landscape changes and more people choose to work in untraditional roles, such as freelancers and companies elect to operate overseas without an official local presence, companies require more flexible invoicing solutions to cater to their needs. We provide professional, cost-effective invoicing solutions for them in Vietnam. Our services allow companies, representative offices, and freelancers to invoice clients in their local language and currency, regardless if they are an officially registered legal entity in Vietnam or not.

With these services, we will act as an intermediary between the involved parties, allowing us to issue invoices and tax receipts. We issue all invoicing materials and collect all payment data in a secure and timely manner. We also provide invoicing and payment reports on a monthly basis. We make your client transactions easy and worry-free, ensuring that your invoicing and payment collections are conducted accurately and in full compliance with local laws and regulations.

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