Guiding Your Operations into Success

At NVM group, we conduct business with the philosophy of “making it right”. Compliance is key to sustainable business growth. Therefore, we ensure that first and foremost, all our clients’ business activities are compliant with the local laws and regulations in the countries in which they operate.


Setting up a company can be a challenging job if you are not familiar with the specific procedures, timelines, bureaucracy, languages and requirements of the different jurisdictions you operate in. Read more


After company formation, every company is required to follow up and maintain all legal and company administration works. However, the administration of legal entities is can be very complicated, particularly in today’s increasingly regulated environment. We work with our clients every step of the way, ensuring that their companies are fully compliant and legally updated in the jurisdictions in which they operate. Read more


We assist companies to meet their respective accounting and tax requirements across different jurisdictions and comply with the latest accounting standards and regulations. Read more


We assist clients in recruiting local staff and ensuring that their employment status are compliant with local laws, including assisting in new hire/termination processes, labor contracting, payroll calculation, benefits administration, compulsory insurance, statutory submission, payment, filing and reporting. Read more