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Aiming to automate routine HR administration works, the NVM Cloud solution developed by our technology team meets the industry standards in data and cloud-application security. It consists of modules that can be run independently in the cloud or at your local server or as a whole package at your fingertips. Further data integration modules are available on request.

The NVM Cloud solution includes six core modules:
Recruitment Module is an electronic talent acquisition application designed to visualize your selection process. By offering customized your process from the very beginning with the briefing and requirements from business units until boarding at the end, Recruitment aims to the better collaboration for better results from selection processes. Not only setting same voice for all stakeholders of the selection processes, it also offers a CV stock for better managing your talent pools with better storing method and searching.
Facing with piles of documents on employee information? Wanna automate the process for better management? Our employee management module allows your HR store all the necessary details related to employees such as education qualification, contact details, employee contract information and job profile. It also helps to perform the HR tasks like employee history, benefits and incident report.
Our leave management system offers a streamline process between employees and managers in managing leave and paid off days. Employees can submit their leave information on a fully cloud based application and then managers will be noticed from an automated mailing for getting approvals. As a result, the corrective data is synched directly up with payroll system without any HR tasks involved.
With a friendly UI design, this system allows employees to quickly log their working hours and reduce time on paperwork. It’s very convenient for companies with many freelancers, temporary and out-office based employees: they can log their time on a cloud based platform whenever and wherever they work.
Our payroll platform provides a simple and straightforward process for quickly calculating monthly payroll and exporting reports. Off-cycle cases are standardized to ensure that monthly data changes are categorized and calculated accurately. As a core part of NVM Cloud platform, it facilitates data transfers from Employee-self-service module and Management-self-service module.
Our Payslip system provides better means to manage and deliver monthly payslips to your staff. This tool is designed to provide more convenience and comfortable to handle a quite paperwork of generating and delivering monthly payslips to right people at very short period of time without any trade-off in security.


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