Procedure on check-up and handover social insurance book


According to Article 18 in the Law on Social Insurance 2014, social insurance book (SI book) will be kept and maintained by employee. Therefore, to ensure accuracy and completeness of data recorded in SI book before returning them to employee, Vietnam Social Insurance department issued the Official Letter No. 4027/BHXH-ST to guide check-up and handover SI books to employees.

Social Insurance Department Employer Employee
Step 1 Social Insurance Departments provide details of whole contribution periods of employees to enterprise through a comparison form of compulsory social insurance contribution periods (Form No. 03)
Step 2 Enterprises send Form No.03 to each employee to review all data recorded in SI books
Step 3 Employees review all information on Form No. 03, sign and send back to enterprise for next steps. In case, there are incorrect or incomplete data, write adjustment information in column beside
Step 4 After receiving Form No.03 from employees, enterprises shall check and determine cases that need adjust to make the e-dossier according to dossier receipt No. 103
Step 5


Enterprises shall record code of dossier No. 103 in Form No. 03; sign and seal. At the same time, enterprise make List of SI book handover according to Form No. 01, sign and seal. Then, submitting form No. 03; form No.01 and SI Book of employees to social insurance department through the dossier receipt No. 302 directly or by post. Besides, emailing soft file of Form No.01 to SI officer through email
Step 6:


Sending Instruction sheet to supplement dossier (Form No. 02) (if any) to enterprises Forwarding Form N.02 to employees for their supplement (if any)


Provide supplementary documents to the employer
Step 7:


Checking up and returning Si books to enterprise. Receiving SI Books from SI Department and doing handover to employees according to Form No.01 within 20 working days Receiving the own SI book from employer and signing on Form No. 01

Because the process time for the dossier receipt No. 302 is 60 working days, there are any terminated employees or employees need to entitle SI regimes in this period, enterprises shall make a demand according to the dossier receipt No. 333 to receive SI Book of employees. Then, enterprises shall do SI procedures in normal.

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