[Vietnam Legal Updates] Vietnam Congress approve to increase the National Day’s holidays

November 21, 2019

With the passing of the amended Labor Code by the Vietnam Congress, the employee will be entitled to 2 days of full pay off for National Day.

On the morning of November 20, 2019, with 435/453 members of the Congress pressing the approval button (accounting for 90.06% of the total number of deputies), the Vietnam Congress officially passed the Labor Code (amended). The code consists of 17 chapters, 220 articles and will take effect from 1/1/2021

Expressing opinions before the provisions of Article 112 on holidays and New Year, 452/455 delegates are agreeing (93.58%).

Accordingly, employee will be entitled to leave from work and get full pay for the holidays, New Year holidays including New Year's Day (1 day), Lunar New Year (5 days), April 30, May 1, National Day (2 days), Hung Kings Commemoration (1 day), etc.

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