April 25, 2019 New points in the health insurance card from 2018

There are some key changes in the health insurance card that employees and employers need to note in order to enjoy the benefits of health insurance as prescribed in 2018

  1. Do not show the expired date in the health insurance card

If the health insurance card in the previous years specified both the starting date and the expired date, the health insurance card from 2018 only has the starting date. That means the health insurance cards will be issued once, the enterprises only need to ensure that social insurance amount is submitted to the Social Insurance Fund properly and fully so that employee using is not interrupted.

  1. Determine the time for five consecutive years participant

“Full five consecutive years from: …” is showed at the end of the health insurance card for those who have contributed health insurance for 05 consecutive years. If the health insurance card does not record  or information showed in the health insurance card is wrong, participants can contact to the social insurance department where issued to be adjusted.

  1. The last 10 digits in the health insurance code is the social insurance code

From 2018, 10 digits of the code of health insurance card will be synchronous with the social insurance code of participants. Participants can use this code to look up information about their contribution period. Each participant has only one social insurance code and no change unless there are changes from the social insurance department.