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HR Advisory

Are you facing hard time in your business setting up a new system including:
Or renewing or restructuring it? Want to review your current system and seek further improvements? Try us!
Our HR advisory provides you with:

  1. Building the Human Resources System, Policies and Procedures
  2. Building Performance Management
  3. Structuring and restructuring compensation and benefits policies

Building the Human Resources System, Policies and Procedures

The Benefits you gain

HR effectiveness & processes

  • Smooth cooperation among departments
  • Develop full organizational alignment and commitment to common goals and operating principles

Legal compliance

  • Labor Code application
  • Ensure clear responsibilities and benefits for employees

Company Culture

  • Create an effective Company Culture
  • Connect people of different genders, backgrounds and regions

Building Performance Management

The Benefits you gain

Key Performance Indicators

  • Company Objectives and Individual KPI settings

Rewarding and Motivation

  • Salary and Benefits

Training and Development

  • Ensure effective training and successor management
  • Continually update and develop

Structuring and restructuring the compensation and benefits policy

The Benefits you gain

Employee Commitment and Retention

  • Increase Commitment
  • Decrease Turnover

Compensation & Benefits

  • Appropriate Salary Structure
  • Effective Reward System
  • Increase in Productivity

Market Competitiveness and Internal Fairness

  • Competitive Compensation and Benefits
  • Fair payment


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