NVM Group is offering a new version of ePayslip as part of our high-quality HR solutions to our clients! Our ePayslip is a web-based application, which is now more secure and user-friendly. The new platform is 100% ready for use in October 2019.

Our customers can log in to the system via https://epayslip.nvmgroup.com

  • More secured – All payslips are made available to employees to view/print on a secure portal thus protecting their personal information. 
  • Employees can see only their payslips using a unique login and password which they can change as they wish. Employees are also able to reset their passwords should they forget it.


  • More user-friendly – Employees can view their payslips 24 hours a day from anywhere that has internet access, view any payslip records and print copies whenever they need them. There’s no paper to lose, and nothing to physically store.


  • More economical – Eliminate time spent distributing softcopies of payslip via email. Protect your business from issues such as not receive payslip email, have trouble in preparation before sending it…
  • If you have any problems using ePayslip, don’t hesitate to reach us at:
    • Email: support@nvmgroup.com 
    • Phone: (84) 903 969 118 (Mr. Quan)
  • To find out more information or register to become our customer of ePayslip, get in touch with us to receive a quote!


1. What is ePayslip?

Epayslip is a web-based application that provides a platform for users to access and manage payslips. Once the users’ payroll is submitted, the system will send them an email as a notification.

2. How can I get my ePayslip account?

The company must register and become our customer of ePayslip. Once the business has signed up, it can create an account for you to access the system.

You can log-in to the system via https://epayslip.nvmgroup.com

3. Why can’t I login?

  • Firstly, please ensure that you sign into the registered account. If you receive a “User not found” error message, that means your account is wrong.
  • Secondly, make sure that you type in the right password.
  • Finally, check your company’s ePayslip service if it is still validated.

4. How can I reset my password?

  • Click the “Forgot password” link

  • Enter your email (account username) and a verification email will be sent to you for confirmation


  • Click the confirmation link included in the email and enter your new password

5. Manage my account

  • Log in to the system via https://epayslip.nvmgroup.com
  • Click your account name at the upper right corner and select “Profile”
  • You can update your account information and update password on profile page.

6. Manage my payslips

  • After login to the system, you can view the current month/year payslip displayed on the main dashboard

  • To view a specific payslip: Click the date picker icon on the upper left corner and select the month or year you want to view.
  • To print a selected payslip: Click the ‘Print’ icon





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