Asia Pacific Dispute Resolution Workshop Conference


We are honor to inform that NVM Group will be a co-host of Asia Pacific Dispute Resolution Workshop Conference which will take place in Da Nang, Vietnam on 13-13th November.

Just right after the activities from the APEC World Leaders Conference for Asia-Pacific Economic with the participation of 20 world leaders from 20 different countries, the Forum Conference: Asia- Pacific Meditation Conference will also be held around the same time in Da Nang Vietnam from November 11th -13th 2017. CLICK HERE to learn more about this forum conference.

The theme this year is “Thinking Future” and world-renowned experts will be talking about how to resolve commercial disputes both online and offline, HR management, resolving conflict in the workplace, resolving construction and commercial land disputes and much more.

We are now offering, for a limited time only, one free 3-day ticket with a value of USD 286 for USD 1000 donation. CLICK HERE to register now.

NVM Group