Seminar: Dialogue with Director-General, Department of Wage and Labour, MOLISA


With a lot of effort in improving the labour management legislative framework and enhance the living standards for mass of labour force, a lot changes and detailed guidance changes and updates on the Labour laws and regulations recently Those changes have good impact in long terms while requiring a lot of thorough understanding and proper preparation from HR practitioners to make the implementation processes right.

To support for community of HR practitioners in HCMC to have better understanding and sharing difficulties and concerns on the process of implementing those changes, NVM Group hold this seminar on the topic “Changes and updates in the wage and labour policities” with participation of Mdm. Tong Thi Minh, Director-General of Department of Wage and Labour. This seminar will offer a unique chance for all registrants to have dialogue with Mdm Minh on all concerns related to the practical implementation of the .Labour laws and regulations.

This seminar will cover 5 key areas of information as below:

  • Issuance & registration of labour regulations and high-ighted points on labour regulation for labour discipline.
  • Implementation of collective negotiation and collective agreement.
  • Performing the dialogue at workplace and the regulations on grassroots-level democracy.
  • Set up and implementation of salary scheme for the non-tate-owned companies.
  • Concerns on definition and computation of salaries and overtime under some new regulations.

The seminar will be held from 8:00 am-12:00pm, Friday August 28, 2015 at Ramana Hotel Saigon, 323 Le Van Sy street, district 3, HCMC.

Speaker  bà Tống Thị Minh Mdm. Tong Thi Minh
Department of Wage and Labour

For more information, kindly contact Mrs. Hong An at  \n   or NVM Group office (08) 3847 9364; or simply fill in the registration form at