About Us

Established in 2003, NVM Group (formerly NhanViet Management Group) is a pioneering Corporate and HR services provider in Vietnam, recently expanding operations to Cambodia and Myanmar. We provide prospecting foreign direct investment companies with expertise and consultation services in areas such as company formation, corporate secretarial services, bookkeeping, accounting, tax filing and finalization solutions, and HR and Payroll Administration related services (Payroll Administration, Compulsory Benefit Administration, Income Taxation, Visas, Work Permits, Recruitment, Employment solutions etc.).

Our Team

We are a dedicated team of Entrepreneurs and Industry Experts who strive to partner with you to reach your business goals.

Our Locations

Emerging markets with fast paced growth are our focus and where our expertise lies. Our vast understanding and experience in helping international businesses adapt to local business practices has made us an outstanding service provider and a trusted partner of choice for many companies.

Our Services

At NVM group, we conduct business with the philosophy of “making it right”. Compliance is key to sustainable business growth. Therefore, we ensure that first and foremost, all our clients’ business activities are compliant with the local laws and regulations in the countries in which they operate.

Company Formation

Company Formation Services including:

  •  Business license
  •  Special certificates (if required)
  •  Office space & business address
  •  Bank account opening
  •  Required company chops or stamps
  •  Social insurance account
  •  Tax code registration
  •  Invoicing (waive for Representative Office setting up)

Corporate Secretary

Corporate Secretarial Services including:

  •  Labor Statutory Compliance Review and Checkup
  •  Business license change, update, renewal or termination
  •  Company representative change and/or update
  •  Statutory registration, filing and reporting
  •  Bank account management
  •  Provisions of company secretaries, directorships registration and reporting services.
  •  Authorized signatory and company chop holder
  •  Work permit: New Issuance and Re-Issuance
  •  Business Visas: application, renewal

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Bookkeeping and Accounting Services including:

  •  Accounting and Taxation Services
  •  Offshore Bookkeeping and Accounting Services
  •  Invoicing Solutions

HR & Payroll Administration

HR and Payroll Administration Services including:

  •  Recruitment Services
  •  Employment Solutions
  •  Payroll Administration Services
  •  Benefit Administration Services
  •  Personal Income Tax Services

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Our Technology - eWork

eWork is NVM Group’s proprietary web-based technology platform developed by our own in-house Tech division. eWork is easily accessible by mobile or PC, and includes applications such as eDoc, ePayslip, eSupport.

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Our Clients

Our partnership with the strategic Global and International Partners helps us combine the local insights & practices with International know-how and integrate them into our services and solutions.

Our Partners

We believe that success comes through calculated collaborations and partnerships. That’s why at NVM Group, we’re working with strategic partners worldwide to deliver added value and expertise to our clients: