Proposal to increase the region-based minimum wages in 2018


On August 07th 2017, The National Wage Council (NWC) adopted the proposal of raising region-based minimum wages in 2018, which will be submitted to the Prime Minister for consideration and approval. Under the proposal of National Wages Council, region-based minimum wages in 2018 will be as follows:

Region The current region-based minimum wages (2017_

(According to Decree No. 153/2016/ND-CP dated 14/11/2016)

The proposed region-based minimum wages according to the proposal of NWC Balance
(VND/month) (VND/month) (VND/month)
I 3,750,000 3,980,000 Increase 230,000
II 3,320,000 3,530,000 Increase 210,000
III 2,900,000 3,090,000 Increase 190,000
IV 2,580,000 2,760,000 Increase 180,000


Therefore, under this proposal, the region-based minimum wages in 2018 will increase 6.5 per cent, in comparison with 2017. This mean the new region-based minimum wages will be increased from 180,000 to 230,000 dong each month. Employer must maintain the salary payment to the employees not less than region-based minimum wages.

Decision on region-based minimum wage is still pending for approval. The official information  will be updated as soon as possible.